Christophe Hoppé
Company Director


— Christophe Hoppé. A well connected, hands-on company Director with a positive attitude, strong financial background and international expertise living in Sydney, Australia. —

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✔ Successfully restructured an international medium sized company’s finance and operations to prepare for it’s major shareholder exit.

✔ Built a brand from inception, covering all aspects and achieving an 80% growth YOY in only the third year of full time dedication.

✔ Caught up three years of late audit in two different countries in less than a year while simultaneously improving the margin by 16% and profit by 63% while revenue increased by 7%.

Christophe Hoppé

Christophe Hoppé is the founder of Bausele, the premium Australian watch company. Born in France and raised in Saudi Arabia Christophe started his professional career as an auditor and consultant for PWC in Luxembourg and Switzerland. He took his first job in watch-making industry as Group CFO for TechnoMarine based in Geneva – Switzerland. Being second in charge at the age of 28 was a great learning experience that allowed him to be involved in many of different aspects of the business from very young age..

He then started his own company in Hong Kong and Switzerland, manufacturing watch components for customers in Switzerland. Alexandra – his wife, was an Australian professional contemporary dancer working in Basel, Switzerland and it wasn’t easy to live apart so it was at this point that he decided to sell 50% of his shares in this successful company and move back to Switzerland. Here he became the CFO of Universo which is part of the Swatch Group, a listed company on the Swiss Stock Exchange & extremely well organised 🙂.

At the beginning of 2010 Christophe moved to Sydney - Australia with his family to start a new chapter in their life. Starting from scratch in a new country was challenging and difficult at times, however this pushed him to learn more about himself and develop his personal strength and resilience. Christophe has built a valuable business network in Australia and quickly developed strong connections, even being invited to dine with an Australian former Prime Minister. When the French President came to Australia, Christophe was part of 12 entrepreneurs selected to have a private and privileged meal with him.

Christophe is both an Australian and French citizen and married with two young children. He enjoys running along our beautiful coastlines and regularly swims the Bold and Beautiful between Manly South Steyne and Shelly beach. He loves the sun and salty water.


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